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US Secretary of of Health & Human Services, Xavier Becerra, Visits Pridelines to Discuss Healthcare Needs

Updated: Jun 18

On June 5th, Xavier Becerra, the Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services, visited Pridelines. His visit included a meet and greet with our community leaders, long-term HIV survivors, and a press conference. During the visit, our community leaders had the opportunity to speak about the healthcare and accessibility needs of our community. Ebony from AHF made a heartfelt plea to Secretary Becerra to protect the 340B program, which provides low-cost prescriptions to those in need. This program is currently at risk of being removed by some politicians. Ebony emphasized the critical importance of the program, especially as Pridelines continues to provide PrEP to the community.

Secretary Becerra also had a private meeting with Eddie Orozco’s group, discussing further details and concerns within the community.Al Ferguson from Hotspots raised an important issue regarding healthcare for transgender individuals. He stressed the need for accessible resources, including medication, to ensure the well-being of trans people. The visit highlighted the pressing healthcare needs within the LGBTQIA+ community and the importance of maintaining essential programs like 340B. It also underscored the commitment of community leaders to advocate for better healthcare access and resources.

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