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Honoring Resilience: Celebrating Pridelines' 3rd Annual HALO Awards

Updated: May 13

In honor of Long-Term HIV Survivors Awareness Day, we celebrate the resilience of our community and commemorate lives lost. Join us on Sunday, June 2nd, 2024, as we come together to honor 5 remarkable individuals and 1 unsung hero at the HALO (Holistic AIDS Advocacy, Leadership and Opportunity) Awards Community Ball.

This year we're shining a spotlight on five extraordinary individuals who have demonstrated unparalleled resilience, advocacy, and leadership in the HIV/AIDS community.

Glen Weinzimer

The Bronx-born New York native who founded the SMART Ride (Southern Most AIDS/HIV Ride Today), hates to be told what to do. In 1993, when Wienzimer

was diagnosed with AIDS, the doctor told him he had 10 days to live. At the time,

Weinzimer felt anger — even though he was hospitalized and quite ill, he was mostly

angry that his plans for the future were disrupted. His coping mechanism was simple: every day he would say to himself, "Today isn’t a good day to die" — and then Weinzimer would come up with a good reason to hang on. By 2001, Weinzimer had parlayed this daily mantra into a commitment to help reorganize and produce — with the help of some friends — a bicycle ride that would go 165 miles from Miami to Key West, Florida.

Ashley Cason

A devoted community advocate and an HIV Lifetime Survivor. She shares her

testimony to bring awareness to HIV/AIDS. Recently, Ashley has appeared in three

commercials and participated in three National Campaigns. She is the Founder of HER

Voice, through which she shares her testimony in hopes of uplifting others. Her story is

evidence that anyone can still achieve their dreams, regardless of an HIV Diagnosis.

Bertha Chavis

As an advocate for her community, Bertha's unwavering dedication to finding a cure and supporting others in their journey is truly commendable. She stands as a beacon of strength and resilience. As an Elite Controller her body is able to naturally suppress the virus and she remains undetectable. She mentions, "whatever is sustaining the virus in my body that can help with a cure."

Boris Rueda

From navigating his identity as a gay Latino to facing the challenges of living with HIV since 2019, Boris Rueda's journey is one of overcoming obstacles and fostering community. As an advocate for Out My Closet, his work empowers unhoused and under-resourced LGBTQIA+ youth, adults living with HIV, and queer men of color. His commitment to supporting others highlights the power of resilience and solidarity. He says, "These obstacles have not defined me; instead, they've propelled me to evolve and perceive the world differently. They've underscored the significance of fostering community and offering support to those sharing similar paths and those on divergent journeys."

Sherkila Shaw

Sherkila was diagnosed HIV positive in 2003, and in 2008, she was given 24 hours to live following an AIDS diagnosis. Her story is truly one of survival and empowerment. Despite facing unimaginable challenges, Sherkila has emerged as a tireless advocate and voice for change in the HIV/AIDS community. At 16, as a young teen mom, she was banned from her home. She was a survivor of incest, molestation, gang rapes and domestic violence. With just the clothes on her back, she took back her power by walking away from the abusive relationship. Nothing could've prepared to Sherkila for getting that life-changing diagnosis. But she didn't let it hinder her. She's a model for ViiV Healthcare

Risks to Reasons Campaign and sits on the board for Positive People Network, Jessie Trice

Community Health Care Center, and Family Health Source. She also did campaigns for Stigma Free Miami and I am a Survivor.

Jose Camino

As the Community Relations Manager for Clear Health Alliance, Jose Camino has been a champion for People Living with HIV (PLWH). His dedication to supporting PLWH extends beyond his role, as he has sponsored numerous programs and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of those affected by HIV. From sponsoring a food bank program at Pridelines to supporting the yearly Positive Living conference in Ft Walton Beach, Florida, Jose's impact has been felt on a state level. For the past three years, Jose has generously sponsored the HALO Awards, furthering the mission of HIV advocacy and support.

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