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A Night to Remember at the Pridelines SAFE Center

Updated: Feb 26

On Thursday, February 22nd, we had the pleasure of welcoming our long-time friends, sponsors, and donors to our new space in Liberty City, the Pridelines SAFE Center. Hosted by the gracious generosity of The Our Fund Foundation and Roger Thomson & Jim Tyrrell, our intimate dinner became a symbol of gratitude and celebration for our remarkable community.

During this special evening, we shared our vision for the future, reconnected with old friends, and celebrated the momentous opening of our new center.

Our guests enjoyed guided tours of our facility, immersing themselves in the spirit of our mission. We walked them through our vibrant community center, showcasing our new youth lounge, our testing facilities, the Roger Thomson & Jim Tyrrell Rainbow Room, the David Bonnet Cyber center and so much more. We had the opportunity to highlight our future plans like our desire to install an accessible shower in our gender neutral bathrooms, our need for updated technology to keep our community informed, and programming. Each space told a story of hope, resilience, and empowerment – a testament to the collective effort that has brought us to this remarkable moment as we solidify our presence in the community we're here to serve.

Amidst the laughter and camaraderie, we indulged in drinks, dinner, and soulful live music – a true celebration of the spirit of Pridelines. We're incredibly grateful to our friends and donors whose unwavering support has made our new center a reality. It is through their generosity that Pridelines SAFE Center stands as a beacon of hope and inclusivity in our community.

With our doors now open, we're excited to serve the community and continue our journey – a journey fueled by passion, purpose, and a profound commitment to our LGBTQIA+ community in Liberty City and beyond.

Please join us for our formal opening on April 6th, where we will continue the celebration and honor our remarkable community.

With heartfelt appreciation, we thank you for being part of this journey. Together, we will continue to build a future where all of Miami's LGBTQIA+ youth & community feel safe, supported and empowered.

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Photography: Kri8ed Media Group

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